Wycliffe USA Launches New Campaign to Fuel Global Bible Translation Efforts

The “I Want to Know” campaign — the largest Bible translation campaign to be introduced on social and digital media — gives people the opportunity to sponsor one or more Bible verses in partnership with the 3,800 language communities worldwide that don’t yet have a complete Bible. (Photo courtesy of illumiNations)

Tomorrow is Good Friday, observed each year in remembrance of what Christ did on Calvary. Wycliffe USA President John Chesnut says it also brings to mind those who are stuck in spiritual darkness. “It’s a reminder of the number of people around the world that have never heard this story ever,” Chesnut states.

“They don’t have that hope many of us do today.”

illumiNations is an alliance of Bible translation groups determined to shine God’s light into the world’s spiritually dark places. Wycliffe USA, along with its nine illumiNations partners, wants every language group in the world to have Scripture by 2033.

“That’s not only an ambitious goal, that is a God-sized goal,” Chesnut says.

The finish line is only 12 years away, and more than 2,000 language communities have no Scripture at all. To help accelerate the funding that makes translation work possible, illumiNations launched the “I Want to Know” campaign.

“It’s a social media campaign to get the word out there and then invite people to participate in what God’s doing around the world today,” Chesnut explains.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Pray for increased awareness among the U.S. Church of remaining Bible translation needs.
  • Ask the Lord to tear down barriers that prevent communities from receiving His Word.
  • Pray that as God removes barriers, translation work can begin immediately in unreached language communities.