4,000 Pound Sunfish Rescued from Fishing Net by Scientists Off Coast of Ceuta

Giant 4,000 pound sunfish rescued from fishing net nearly breaks scientists’ scale

A more than 4,000-pound sunfish was found tangled in a fishing net of a tuna-fishing boat off the coast of Ceuta, an autonomous Spanish port city in north Africa bordering Morocco, on Oct. 4.

The massive sunfish measured 10.5 feet long and 9.5 feet wide, reported CNN.

Enrique Ostale leads the University of Seville’s Marine Biology Lab. He estimated that it weighed about 4,400 pounds, based on comparisons with other catches.

“We tried to weigh it, but we just had a scale up to one thousand kilograms, and in this case, we couldn’t use it because it was going to break,” he told CNN in Spanish.

Ostale’s research team has been working with local fishermen for four years to study sunfish.

Based on their catch, the fishermen and researchers select what interests them while returning the other species to the sea, reported CNN.

However, in this instance, the fishermen alerted Ostale and his team to quickly come over and see the giant catch.

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