Jerry Wiles on Connecting with God’s Redemptive Purposes

A Road Trip can Connect us with Ministry and Witness Opportunities

While on a road trip a few years ago, I encountered a road construction worker.  Being stopped for a short traffic delay, I asked one of the road workers the following question: “Have you noticed any signs of spiritual awakening in this part of the country?”

He responded by saying, “What do you mean?” I replied, “Have you noticed how many people these days are coming to an awareness of their need for the Lord?” The road worker said, “I don’t know about anybody else, but I know I need the Lord.”  That brief exchange opened an opportunity to share the Gospel with the man and discover his eagerness to hear more about Jesus and what it means to know and follow Him. God had obviously prepared the man’s heart. I explained more about what it means to believe, confess, and call on the Lord, from Romans chapter 10. I sensed that the Holy Spirit was dealing with his heart, so I suggested that we include the Lord in our conversation and encouraged him to call on the Lord and confess his faith in Him, which he did.

Short Encounters — Eternal Impact

That experience, years ago, impressed upon me how the Holy Spirit can work in people’s lives in those short encounters. We seldom know how God is at work in people’s lives, until we connect and engage with them in conversation. Simple greetings, comments, or gestures of kindness can often open opportunities to connect with people and connect with God’s redemptive activities. Some may think of spiritual awakenings, revivals or movements of God as sweeping, sensational or spectacular transformational movements. Ordinary everyday conversations or acts of kindness have the potential for significant connections and long-term impact.

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SOURCE: Assist News Service, Jerry Wiles